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Fire River Farms is the clear choice for kitchens seeking consistent product performance and uncompromised quality assurance of ground beef.

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Superior Quality Assurance

Fire River Farms delivers delicious ground beef, both bulk and patties, precooked and raw, with superior quality assurance.

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When quality counts and flavor matters, look no further than Fire River Farms.

Friends and family gather to share a meal on a clear summer afternoon at their favorite local restaurant. The sound of laughter fills the air, along with the smoke of burgers on the grill. Under the watchful eye of the chef, the meat cooks as it’s meant to do. People smile and revel in each other’s company. And they’re filled with anticipation, as the food is brought to the table. Great tastes make moments like these possible.

At Fire River Farms, we partner with farms and ranchers to enable those kinds of experiences across the foodservice spectrum. Whether served as a burger or as an ingredient in another mouthwatering dish, our extensive offering of fresh and frozen ground beef delivers on our promise—high quality and simply delicious beef and premium blends. Our rigorous standards of excellence extend from the pastures that nourish our cattle to our industry-leading cold supply chain solutions.

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Fire River Farms is just one example of the great products we deliver to our customers with exceptional service. A Marketing Associate in your community is ready to assist you with your quality ground meat needs or other fresh food & ideas. Share your contact information and we will be quick to set up a conversation to explore how we can help you with our industry leading support & solutions.



When it comes to burgers, it’s all about the beef. Choosing the right blend of meat for this critical menu item is a must. A great burger will stand out from the crowd. Get inspired by our menu ideas for burgers and beyond.